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Hi! This blog is created by Emiliano Baldi, Josiah dueñas and Emanuel González, is created to entretain people and we are going to talk about our favorites movies

        1.-Captain America: Civil War. This movie is the third movie of captain America and personally is my favorite of all, because it’s more like a spy movies.

        2.- Avengers: Infinity War: This is the last movie of avengers and is the best of all, it have the better final in years, it could be the epic movie ever

        3.- Star Wars: The Force Awakens: This is the first movie of the new triology of Star Wars, it create a lot of hype and generate a lot of money. It have a similar story to the first movie but it still epic and with new characters


Welcome to my Blog. ☀️

Today i will tell us about the football soccer, the instructions to be a Good football player is:

1) Have a ball

2) Start touching the ball

3) Invite a friend to play with him.                

4) Go to the training to be the best of your category

You have to work very hard to be the One on football.

This is my first blog, and this is what is going to be treated my blogs, and I hope this will help you to our life.

I want to put your opinions to improve my work.